for my daughter

This is for my daughter.

I would want her to know how I love her and how I will strive not just for her future but for her siblings as well.

My daughter has ADHD. She’s a slow learner. She has difficulty remembering things and lessons and all. But she is good with arts. With colors.

We went to a school nearby to have her assessed. I was expecting a bit but turns out, everything has been a rollercoaster. I didn’t see it coming. Or I refused to see it coming. I forgot that it’s not just the school’s responsibility but mine too as a father, as a parent. My daughter was not accepted because of her situation. She can’t read that good, she doesn’t speak that well.

To whoever reads this, I am asking for help. You can visit this site, MEG project for details. You can send me messages on how to help us out. Please.



my daughter has ADHD

I had my daughter diagnosed last October 2014 by a Child Developmental Specialist based in Region 4-A. After that, it was time to learn the ins and outs of taking care of her. I checked the internet on how to take care of my kid. I gathered all that I can in order to help her. Turns out, I still need help outside the internet.

We had to enroll her to a special school. A school that not only will teach her about academics but will also give her the therapy that she needs. We went to the school that the Specialist recommended. It was just about right for her. The surrounding is conducive for her and her learning. But the fee is a bit too much. I do understand why. It’s not an ordinary school. It is an institution that handles kids with ADHD and Autism for one. They not only teach the kids on how to read and write and count, but they also do therapy. Therapy that my daughter needs. We had to enroll her ASAP because she is already aged 6 and she is getting older. She needs to train herself and control herself.

As of the moment, I started a crowd funding group at Facebook. I have to. I have to ask help from friends and some family members about this. I can’t do it alone.

If you want to help, my contact info is on the Facebook page.

To my Princess Mikaela Eunice;

I am hoping that someday, when you are all grown up you would be able to read this letter. I wrote this because I almost cried when your mother told me what you told her. “Baby pa ako iniwan ako ni Tatay kasi bad ako. Kulit kulit Tatay.” It hurts to read this message because it resonates my pains and my shortcomings in being your father.

  • First of all, you are not a bad girl. You are just a regular girl growing up and having her own thing. You are just 5 years old, what do you want me to expect from you? I have high hopes but I will not push you to achieve them.
  • Second, I want to assure you kiddo, I NEVER LEFT YOU. I had to leave you and your mom for some time. But I always made sure to have you whenever I can. I am not sure where you got that but I assure you, I never left you.
  • Third, you will always be my Princess and I will always be your father. No matter what happens, this will be always be the truth.

I know I made a mistake before of not being there when you were born. I only saw you when you were already 2 months old. And by that time, you are already big. You looked like a 5 month old baby. The first time I saw you, I almost sank to the ground. I was so ashamed that I was never there when you were born. That might be the reason why I have been trying to always be there for you. Eveytime you throw your tantrums, I try to be there for you. I try to calm you down, and it somehow works. When you are crying because of pain, whenever you are sick, I just pray that it was me instead of you. I can’t bear you hurting because you are my Princess. You are my daughter. You are me.

That is also one of the reasons why I treat you differently. Because you’re my only daughter and you have 2 brothers and me and your mother to always be on the look-out. I want you to grow up without any self-doubts, if that is possible. I have a lot of things I want for you. I really hope God will always be on your side.

We have a lot of good time together and we have both enjoyed them. You always were beside me whenever we sleep at night. I was the happiest man when you graduated. When you danced in public, I was your biggest fan. I was the one who was very much proud of your big accomplishments. I am not acting as a father, I AM A FATHER. A father to you, to Lukas and now, Zakarias. You guys are mine. I want you to know how much you mean to me.



how a father misses his kids… a personal story.

I have been back here in Laguna for a week now since my wife gave birth to our third kid, a son. I am very thankful to God that He gave me another kid, and that all was well during and after the birth. I hated leaving them at my wife’s family residence. Don’t get me wrong about it, her family is okay. It’s just that I am so far from my kids and I can’t watch over them and my kids… I really miss them. Oh yeah I do. And here I am, writing this because I just spoke to my little girl, she said that she misses me and it breaks my heart that I can’t hug her and be with her everyday. Not only her, but my 2 sons as well! They will be here by August, can I just pull it faster? If only things were a little bit better and more secured, this will not be happening.

I miss them kids.

[ my Princess ]

last September 28, 2008, my baby girl was born into this world. at first, i was not that interested at her. but when i saw her, i immediately ask God for forgiveness. she was BEAUTIFUL. and she looks just like ME. but she’s beautiful! now, she’s just a month away from being 1 year old. and she’s still getting beautiful everyday…