songs that helped me get through my darkest moments

i am a music lover ever since i am a kid. i have been listening to a lot of music because my mother also loves listening to music as well as my father. i have been part of the Worship team from my former church where i learned to play musical instruments, and i also learned how to sing.

there were times in my life that i had to go through some dark moments and last September 2011 was the worst by far… the death of my lola.


7 months and counting

it has been 7 months after Inay passed away, and still, i can’t recover from the pain that i suffered. it really pains me and still brings tears to my eyes everytime i remember her last moments…

i have piled up several songs to your memory Inay. and its folder has been titled, BALLADS OF THE FALLEN. aptly i think. it’s more than for your memory, it is also for the depression i have been to, will go through and had been to.