for my daughter

This is for my daughter.

I would want her to know how I love her and how I will strive not just for her future but for her siblings as well.

My daughter has ADHD. She’s a slow learner. She has difficulty remembering things and lessons and all. But she is good with arts. With colors.

We went to a school nearby to have her assessed. I was expecting a bit but turns out, everything has been a rollercoaster. I didn’t see it coming. Or I refused to see it coming. I forgot that it’s not just the school’s responsibility but mine too as a father, as a parent. My daughter was not accepted because of her situation. She can’t read that good, she doesn’t speak that well.

To whoever reads this, I am asking for help. You can visit this site, MEG project for details. You can send me messages on how to help us out. Please.



my daughter has ADHD

I had my daughter diagnosed last October 2014 by a Child Developmental Specialist based in Region 4-A. After that, it was time to learn the ins and outs of taking care of her. I checked the internet on how to take care of my kid. I gathered all that I can in order to help her. Turns out, I still need help outside the internet.

We had to enroll her to a special school. A school that not only will teach her about academics but will also give her the therapy that she needs. We went to the school that the Specialist recommended. It was just about right for her. The surrounding is conducive for her and her learning. But the fee is a bit too much. I do understand why. It’s not an ordinary school. It is an institution that handles kids with ADHD and Autism for one. They not only teach the kids on how to read and write and count, but they also do therapy. Therapy that my daughter needs. We had to enroll her ASAP because she is already aged 6 and she is getting older. She needs to train herself and control herself.

As of the moment, I started a crowd funding group at Facebook. I have to. I have to ask help from friends and some family members about this. I can’t do it alone.

If you want to help, my contact info is on the Facebook page.

[ kids at home ]

i am still here at the office, finishing some work. well, partially.  back at home, i have these 2 wonderful gifts waiting for me to come home. my babies. Mikaela Eunice is 2 years old and Lukas Vincent is 8 months old. they have 2 unique attitudes and traits definitely. my daughter is a bit aggressive and feisty while my son, for now, is a bit tolerant. right now, i just want to go home and spend some time with them. i miss them. Mikaela usually wakes me up by jumping on me while i am still sleeping. yeah, she does that. Lukas at times wakes me up because he keeps on crying.

i got no regret for the 2 kids i have. i love them both.

[ my Princess ]

last September 28, 2008, my baby girl was born into this world. at first, i was not that interested at her. but when i saw her, i immediately ask God for forgiveness. she was BEAUTIFUL. and she looks just like ME. but she’s beautiful! now, she’s just a month away from being 1 year old. and she’s still getting beautiful everyday…