The San Antonio Spurs – 2014 NBA Champions.

The San Antonio Spurs. They have come a long way from the pains of last year’s lost to the Miami Heat. 2014 was a totally different Spurs team. They are more cohesive, more dependable, more aggressive and a real class of their own. The tears and heartbreak of last year’s lost has already been erased. REDEMPTION. That is what San Antonio did. They have redeemed themselves and proved to the world what it meant.

Honestly, it brought tears to my eyes, not because I was so angry at what happened last year, but because they have done it. They have shown to the their fans what teamwork means. What it means when they say “It’s for the love of the game.”

last years image of TD walking out after a heartbreak loss
last years image of TD walking out after a heartbreak loss

I could not forget this image from last year’s loss. It seemed that the whole world stop and grieve for the loss of San Antonio. But I think it gave them a more challenging task ahead of them. That lost made them BETTER. It made them STRONGER. It give them DETERMINATION.

And now, YOUR 2014 NBA Champions!



The 2014 Finals MVP
The 2014 Finals MVP







The Big 3 of San Antonio.
The Big 3 of San Antonio.




Spurs.04  2014 NBA Finals - Game Five


TD, after the Game 5 win against Miami Heat
TD, after the Game 5 win against Miami Heat



On the other hand, I will not bad mouth the Miami Heat. 🙂






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From a Spurs fan

I am a San Antonio Spurs fan. I live in the Philippines and was introduced to NBA when I was in high school. Back then, there are only few teams from the NBA that I know of. Pistons, Celtics, Lakers. Then I learned of the Bulls, Knicks, Hornets, Rockets, etc.  Then came 1997 when I learned of the Spurs with then Center, David Robinson. I found this guy to be a gentle-giant. He’s a gentleman on his own right and then came Tim Duncan. I was so frustrated back then when David Robinson retired. But before he left, I have seen how he trained Tim Duncan on the lowpost. I saw him “pass the torch” to this young man who rarely shows his emotions and most of the times, keeps his emotions in check. I saw how Tim Duncan became the MVP for the 1999 season. And he won 3 more championships after that.

Now, reading Wikipedia, I saw that for this season, 2013. Tim has had some personal issue and says that he and his wife had been divorced. But still, his game was stellar and his leadership excellent.

When the Spurs were waiting for the Finals opponent, I mentioned to a friend that IF the Heat wins against the Spurs, their championship against OKC will be solidified and they will really be a great team, but if they lost to the Spurs, they’re just a group of wanna-be’s. The Finals were set, and down to Game 7, the Spurs lost to the Heat, which broke my heart. And it broke my heart further seeing pictures of Tim Duncan who, I know he walks with his head looking at the ground/bowed, but on this game, it seems that he carried the load too much and even goes on blaming himself that they lost. I thought that he should have his head up high for he has nothing to be ashamed of. He has nothing to prove because people know how great a person and a player he is. Even his opponents know how great a guy he is. Even Shane Battier said: “That’s a shot Tim Duncan usually makes eight out of ten times. For whatever reason that shot didn’t drop right then. I’m very thankful. It wasn’t because of my defense. Just missed it.” Even Dwayne Wade is fond of him and LeBron James.

I am a San Antonio Spurs fan. And will still be a fan.




[photos from Yahoo! Sports]