I lost my job. I was trying to find one and I have not yet got any. My wife is currently pregnant to our 3rd child, my daughter’s tuition is not yet fully paid, she is still to graduate this March, we have some bills and debt to pay and I don’t know where to go for financial aide. I am so confused and frustrated. Then I had a glimpse of hope… one of the companies I applied for last year contacted me for an interview. I went there hoping for a shot at having a job again and support my family’s needs. But I failed. I failed the first 2 tests… typing and some quiz. DARN IT! How did I fail them?! I passed them last year! I was filled with questions…

I went home. Caught a bus and sat down. I looked at what’s in front of me. The wide road that will take me home… Then I noticed the verse near the driver’s rear view mirror… Jeremiah 29:11.


It made me remember the promise of God from a long time ago. God indeed never fails, although we do. God has plans to prosper ME and to give ME hope and a future, never to harm me. I guess all I have to do now is really trust His ways.

God, I really need some assistance from You.