My First Time

My First Time

Today is September 6, 2018. Around 12 noon, I was at Schola Angelicus delivering lunch for my daughter. Then I decided to take the Mamatid to Gulod exiting NIA Road to San Isidro to pick up my Grade 3 son from school.

It was a wet day. Been raining for almost half a day. I was driving carefully and slowly because of the condition of the road. There was an SUV ahead of me. The driver was slow. So I had to be slow too. Then a motorcycle passed and went in front of me.

I also have been coughing since I just recovered from flu. I felt the phlegm in my mouth, and I had to spit it out. I had an idea of stopping, taking my helmet off and spitting it out. BJutl no, l guess that was the mistake. I tried taking my helmet partially off my head then spit it out using my left hand. That was the plan.

Then, the motorcycle driver in front of me stopped. Which caused me to grab the brakes and the clutch. To make matters worst, since it was wet, I slid — good thing I was wearing a helmet.

I felt the asphalt road. My hands was acted upon impact. The bike became the shock absorber that received all the force. Which was good. The only pain I felt was on my right leg. I fell on my left side. The pictures shows small wounds on my leg. Small but painful reminder to always pray and be safe.

Thank God because someone also helped me get up from the road. Then he asked me if I was fine, to which I said yeah. Thanked him and check the damage or damages on my motorcycle. Good thing also that there were no other vehicles behind me or, in front. I was able to get to the side of the road and check myself and my ride.

Upon checking, I rode off and went to my son’s school and went home. Injured.

By the way, I didn’t swallow the phlegm, I was able to still spit it out.

To God be the glory.


The message of Job

The story of Job.

Everybody seemed familiar with the story of this incredible man. A man of faith. A man who has everything then lost it all.

We went to church this morning for the worship service. This is the first time we are attending the Church of Biblical Truth here in our subdivision. I know who the Pastor here, but he was not there when we arrive. Instead, they have a lady who will be speaking. She said that she has prepared a message for the last 2 weeks and God is giving her a different message. She bargained with God. Then Sunday morning came and as she was preparing, the message felt stronger and she had changed the subject of her message. She does not even know why, but she chose to follow God’s direction.

We arrived with 4 kids. We have 2 nephews and my own 2 kids. I was not really expecting God to reveal things to me because Pastor Jess is not around so I just sat down and try to listen to the speaker. When she spoke of how the message has been changed, I was like “Okay. God led her to change it.” Then she revealed the message was of a man who has everything then lost everything and God replaced everything that he lost. That man was Job.

The story revolves around how Job was one of the people that pleased God and how God brags about him. Then Satan came to have a little “challenge” so to speak. They put Job to the test, they were trying to know what will be the man’s decision will be. They took all of his possessions, his slaves, his livestock, his children, and they caused him great pain by giving him some skin disease. One of the prayers I remember from him was “…Naked I came from my mother’s womb, and naked shall I return. The LORD gave, and the LORD has taken away; blessed be the name of the LORD.” Job 1:21 English Standard Version.

Job with his 3 friends
Job with his 3 friends

Why was this relevant to me? Why did I feel that God intentionally made me go to that church this Sunday and had me listen to the speaker? It’s because He wants me to learn and know that He is still in control. God wants me to hear how Job responded. How Job’s life was more miserable and painful than mine. I lost my job, I am in need of a financial resource because my wife is 6 months pregnant and my daughter’s still going to school, debts and bills needed to be paid…

God wanted me to hear that HE IS STILL IN CONTROL. I have forgotten how it feels to be assured by God. I have been complaining and whining. I have questioned God again and again. I know I can question God because He has given me freedom to speak and think on my own. But my line of questioning is more of a literal questions.

I have lost some of my faith along the way and I know how it is to go against God and be under His grace. I have learned how to suffer and accept the fact that I have sinned. And the story of Job made me realize, God does what He knows is best for me. Now I can never question His wisdom, but I may ask for His grace to be with me in times like this.

After God answered Job, He blessed Job more. God gave him what he lost and more. All that Job did was to trust in the Lord. TRUST IN THE LORD.

My story so far.