[ Meralco issues ]

i am really not happy at this time. first, Meralco has sent us a disconnection notice WITHOUT THE BILL for the month of January 2011. that is one. i thought it is ILLEGAL to do that. and the funny thing is, the only reason they gave us was, “wala pong magdadala”, (“nobody can distribute the bills”). FOR THE WHOLE SUBDIVISION!?!?!

i mean, COME ON! for the whole place?! that is a lame excuse. then we will be receiving the disconnection notice that gives us just a few days. you guys kinda ruin the financial allocation for the electricity.

also, the bill has a SYSTEM LOSS CHARGE, see image. why are the ones paying this charge? and does this include the electricity usage by Meralco? are they paying their own consumption? or are we the ones doing this courtesy to them?

and of course, the government can’t do anything about this stupid issue.