What A Wonderful Life

I remember my Inay, or grandmother, before she passed. I sang her this song, and I couldn’t help but cry. Until now.

Close your eyes
And just hear me sing
One last long goodbye
One last song before you spread your wings

I was so distraught that day that I even cried while at the office. I had to work. But I don’t know why I was there knowing that I really cannot focus and my peers doesn’t seem to care.

There’s so much left to say
And before this moment slips away

I even yelled at my daughter because I cannot think straight. She just wants to eat at McDonald’s which was just in front of us. My wife decided to just take the kids home and let me be. I was so in pain. I couldn’t stop my tears.

The cold night calls
And the tears fall like rain
It’s so hard letting go
Of the one thing I’ll never replace

When that week ended, we went to Batangas for the wake. We remembered the good times we had with Inay. We remembered how she scolds us and teaches us and shows us her love.

The cold night calls
And the tears fall like rain
It’s so hard letting go
Of the one thing I’ll never replace

On the day of her burial, it was raining. I was one of the people who carried her coffin. Me and my brother. My family was back in the bus, because we don’t have an umbrella with us that day.

And soon you will be gone
But these words, they will live on

After we got her buried, we went home. I felt empty. Now, it will be seven years since she passed. 2011 has passed. I still feel the deep pain. Pain caused by death. It also gave birth to my first tattoo.

All that I am
You let me be
I will remember you
For all that you’ve done
And given to me

Love will remain
This I can see
Now and forever more
Because of you
Now I believe
I believe

What a wonderful life
For as long as you’ve been at my side
And I want you to know
I loved you so

What a wonderful life
For as long as you’ve been at my side
And I want you to know
I’ll miss you so

And though our days come to an end
No, I’ll never love like this again
What a wonderful life
A wonderful life
What a wonderful life
What a wonderful life

Moving on doesn’t mean forgetting the past. Moving on means we have to continue living despite the pain and hurt and all those things. We move forward with these memories in us. We cherish it. We feel it. What a wonderful life.

Thank you Alter Bridge for this song.



When I was in high school, I thought of having a tattoo. I was curious as to what it will make me feel to have a tattoo. I was told that if I should get a tattoo, it should be meaningful and one that I will never ever regret inking on my body…

My grandfather died 1998, just before the elections. I was told that he died calling me, I am the first apo. Then his 2nd wife died afterwards. Then their eldest son, Tito Dodong died of TB. Then my bestfriend Abraham died of a disease. And forward 2007, my lolo from my father side died and I wasn’t there when he was buried. And 2011, my lola died. My lolo from my mother side and my lola from my father side gave me a big blow. It was both painful on my end. The night Tito Dodong died, I had a vision of a man visiting me when I was beside the pool, resting with my towel covering my head. When I looked up, nobody’s beside me. The following day, I learned of his death. Then came Abe’s death that also shook me. he was my best friend.

Forward to 2012.

I scheduled my session with Champ Tiangson, PhilTAG member, on a Saturday, March 31, 2012. But it was not doable since he will be going to a group retreat. So I decided to have it on March 30, 2012. AFTER I GOT MY BONUS!

So it was set. March 30, 2012… 4:30 pm. I quickly went to their place for the session. I had the printed copy in full color and ate something along the way.

When I got to their place, we were introduced and I was sat down and was told to relax and get comfy. He then readied his things that he will use. Meanwhile, my friend keeps on giving me beer. When Champ started inking, I brazed myself for the pain. But I felt no pain…

Midway through the session, when he reached my shoulder part, where part of the collar bones are, the pain began. I literally almost passed out! I was thinking that if I can divert the pain and all, it will be more easier… but I blacked out. my artist told me not to do that instead, admit the pain.

And the final result? AWESOME! For me, I think I made the right choice and waited for the time to have it inked on my skin.

[ to the fallen 19 soldiers of the AFP ]

First, I would like to extend my condolences to the families of the victims of this ambush. It never eases the pain but hopefully, God will mend the broken hearts of the families.

I came from a line of military men. My father, a retired Army. My tito, also from the Army, my tito Alfred, God rest him, a CAFGU member, another tito Alfred from Army and my lolo, God rest his soul, a retired Army too. I had plans of going to PMA to be a military officer but something happened along the way and it did not happened. But still, my respect and admiration for the AFP never ceased.

As of the moment, there are controversies in the AFP organization that is being investigated. But that is not why I am writing this blog.

41 members of the Army’s Special Forces vs 200 Abu Sayyaf and MILF engaged in a losing battle for the Army. The soldiers were overwhelmed. “We were only 40. There were more of them,” Balili, who was among the 11 wounded soldiers, said from a hospital bed in Zamboanga City. The attacked happened while the Army is trying to capture a suspect who is hiding in the Al-Barka town in MY province, Basilan.

When the smoke cleared, 12 soldiers lay dead, among them, three junior officers. Twelve other soldiers were wounded, one of whom would later die in a hospital, and 10 more were initially declared missing but an MILF official said six of the missing soldiers were found dead yesterday. I checked the news and there are a total of 19 Army Special Forces whose specialty is said to be in the water and underwater jobs. The rebels executed six of the eight elite Army soldiers they captured following Tuesday’s encounter.

In major military camps all over the country, flags flew at half-mast as the Armed Forces of the Philippines mourned the death of the 13 soldiers.


In an entry on its Facebook account, the AFP relayed its condolences to the families of the 13, saying their death “will not be in vain.”

Team AFP extends its sincerest condolences to the families and loved ones left by 13 brave men who died in the Basilan encounter. Their death will not be in vain, as they have honorably served the country and the Filipinos. The AFP mourns with the family members with Flags in all major AFP camps in half-mast,” it said.

PNoy's reaction

The President declared that he will use KAMAY NA BAKAL, or Iron Fist, but as it turned out, it will be used against the AFP?!

This is what it says on GMANews online, “On the other hand, the President expressed dissatisfaction with the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) over the incident and vowed to implement drastic reforms in the military.

Ako hindi talaga natutuwa at gusto kong malaman ang puno’t dulo ng buong operasyon na ‘to… dapat talaga masiyasat kung ano ang dahilan na ganito ang naging resulta sa ating Sandatahang Lakas at iwasto natin,” he said.

He reiterated that he will meet with military and defense officials to discuss the matter.

Magkakaroon kami ng command conference bukas [Friday] sa [Camp] Aguinaldo nang hapon para nga mag-report sila [tungkol] sa buong operations: ano ba ang pakay ng operasyon? Ano ba ‘yung plano? Maraming detalye na gusto kong talakayin sa kanila,” he said.

At hihingan ko ng detalye ng pagwawasto na kanilang dapat ginawa na noon pa lang panahon na may trahedya sa Sulu sa mga Marines… ang laki ng pagbabagong dapat mangyari,” Aquino added.

The President also extended his condolences to the families of the victims.

Nakikiramay tayo sa lahat ng mga pamilya na nawalan ng kanilang mga miyembro,” he said.

At least 19 soldiers, including four officers, were killed in the clash in Basilan last Tuesday.

Meanwhile, GMA News’ Raffy Tima reported on News To Go that all the 49 soldiers involved in the clash, including the fatalities, have been accounted for.

The MILF claimed that government troops strayed into rebel-held territory but the military denied the allegation”

GOODNESS!  MILF is blaming the AFP while the AFP was just trying to do their job and EVEN THE PRESIDENT BLAMES THEM?! I can’t believe it.

What kind of government do we have?!


i have also checked YouTube and found this video. i would like to use this as tribute to the soldiers who died.

One By One

Alter Bridge

Underneath the desert sun
They bid my brother’s blood to run
Many miles away
Hell has come today

Fire raining from the sky
See the face of fear
Asking one last time
Let me get home safe
Before it’s too late


Deep within the castle walls
So many grievous
Few with souls
Echo endlessly
Ode to memories

This sacrifice of flesh and blood
For a promised land that may not be won
Let us not forget the hero laid to rest

And they gave it all
A price we can’t ignore
Is there hope in what they’re dying for?
For every hero born
From every family torn
We will honor you forever more