Sana Maulit Muli

Sana maulit muli
Ang mga oras nating nakaraan
Bakit nagkaganito
Naglaho na ba ang pag-ibig mo
Sana maulit muli
Sana bigyan ng pansin ang himig ko
Kahapon, bukas, ngayon
Tanging wala nang ibang mahal

Two years ago, a fandom was born. It was weird because I got caught in it. I enjoyed it too. I loved the chemistry being demonstrated by two characters that played it well. So well that I am one of those hurting. Two years.

Then last November 26, 2017 the Open Letter happened. I understand what she was trying to say. But with all the presumptions that her fans will hate her, only added fuel to the fire. A lot of the fans got hurt. Felt the pain. Alden was nowhere to be seen. The following day, Alden got hospitalized. The fandom was in turmoil over a simple letter of That Girl. I myself felt that strong shockwave of disbelief. I felt that they lied to me. Made me feel emotions that I have longed forgotten. I HATE IT!

Then I realized… they were just actors playing their parts.

Days have passed and there were members of the ALDUB Nation who were suffering more pain and betrayal. AND peeps helped each other to recover, to stop the bleeding, to make them stand up again. There we also people who have expressed wanting to commit suicide. Some of us had to intervene.

Ibalik ang kahapon
Sandaling di mapapantayan
Huwag sana nating itapon
Pagmamahal na tapat
Kung ako’y nagkamali minsan
Di na ba mapagbibigyan
O giliw, dinggin mo ang nais ko

More days have passed. Slowly, hate turned into bitterness. I looked more into what I can do to help the other members of the ADN. Reaching out to those hurting. Trying to console people who were trying to make sense of what happened.

Kung kaya kong iwanan ka
Di na sana aasa pa…
Kung kaya kong umiwas na
Di na sana lalapit pa…
Kung kaya ko sana

In the end, we are just fans taken to a ride by two people who we thought are real. But ADN only have ADN now. Like one of the people said, “This too, shall pass.”

Mahal pa rin kita…
O giliw… O giliw…




An open letter to ADN

To whom it may concern,

I was an AlDub fanatic. A die hard fan. WAS. I have stopped watching Kalyeserye for 2 or 3 weeks now. I have been losing appetite for it but what triggered my total surrender was when Divina was flirting with Jake. They lost me there. Yes, I have been telling people from AlDub Nation (ADN) na walang “moving on”o “kalma”. I think it backfired.

Ayaw ko nang manood kasi it seems it lost it’s essence in me. It’s my own point of view. Then, Divina has three (3) conditions for KS-A bago nya sagutin ito. Why would you give conditions para mahalin ang isang tao?! Why!?

These are just two of the reasons why I gave up on AlDub. I know there will be bashers who will say that I am this or that. Pero I would like to say that KS-Alden has given enough to prove his love for Divina who turns out to be a flirt. Then Lola Nidora, out of the three lola’s, got the nerve to do that tirade, blaming the ADN for “rumors” and “assumptions” na si Divina naman ang may gawa in the first place.

I have also observed that a lot of the men who used to be fans are now gone. They’re now back to where they used to be. When KS was never there. Unlike before, even men would be the ones to open the TVs to watch KS. But now, I am not sure they even bother. I know I don’t.

I am not saying that ADN follow me. All I am saying is, I’ve had it. Was just too much a burden to watch them now. But Maine and Alden/RJ is a totally different story. Them, I will hope to end up together. And it’s all I can do. Hope.

Thank you.

Sincerely yours,
Former AlDub fan