why do angels suffer?

why do angels have to suffer?
why do they have to shed tears?
why do they have to feel the pain?
why does my little angel have to cry?
why does my little nephew have to
endure all of the sorrow and regrets
caused by his parents’ mistakes.

your father left you at a tender age,
your mother have to work harder,
and we have to play with you
just for you to enjoy your days.
i can’t stand the anger inside of me
every time you let a tear roll by
because of the hardships you’re going through,
i felt the remorse whenever i fall short
and was not able to guide you properly.

yes, i am not your father,
but you’re still from my bloodline,
and i will not forgive those who will hurt you
for i will bring forth disaster to them.

my prayer for you my little angel,
that God will not take His eyes off you,
hoping for a better tomorrow,
and you’ll enjoy your time more than i do.

written: March 26, 2007
Gabs Narazo
© 2007 [soulprojekt publikation]

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