to whom it may concern

“i am writing you this letter to inform you
of the actions that has taken place
a few hours ago,
nobody intended to tell those things
because we all know who and what
your background is.

we all know you sold your body
to women who are looking for a toy.
you were priced and had sex with them.
we also know that you turned your back
at your God whom you owned everything.
and the most frightening of all,
you have killed two of your unborn kids!

now, tell us, fallen angel, what do you have
to say to this charges against you?
all of them are with proof so you can’t lie,
all of these have been recorded and
you swore to an oath to tell the truth.

if i were you, fallen angel,
i would have killed myself in disgrace.
you have been so…
[words can’t even be found].
i may not be your conscience but still,
i have the right to tell you these.
i am your darkest past.

written: March 25, 2007
Gabs Narazo 
© 2007 [soulprojekt publikation]

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