i don’t show smiles
when i am pissed off,
i don’t pretend to be someone
when i am a nobody.
i try to calm down
when i am about to explode,
and all i do is sit and relax,
when i am really mad.

but you think i am
not telling you the truth,
you think what i feel for you
is just a myth or lust,
you’ve told me that
what i feel is temporary,

i dont love you,
i hate you,
i am mad at you,
i am ready to forget you,
i dont want you anymore,
i wont cry for you,
i will forget you now…
God forgive me, i lied….


written: October 16, 2004
Gabs Narazo
© 2004 [soulprojekt publikation]

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