“missing you…”
words so familiar and common.
nothing new to write about,
except that “i am missing you…”.
forgive me for what i am,
but from my heart i have spoken.

your smiles and your eyes,
how i wanted to see and hear them.
my once miserable existence,
you gave a meaning and purpose.
and yes, just two weeks or so.

my grieving heart you gave air,
you let me breathe in hope.
and you also put my mind into reality,
you’re someone i want to be with,
i never wanted to admit this.
but yes, my heart, you took it.

i just wanted to let you know,
how much you mean to me now.
i know to miss you is a gamble to take,
but i am willing to risk everything again,
must to say, “i miss you a lot…”.


written: September 9, 2005
Gabs Narazo
© 2005 [soulprojekt publikation]

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