hanged (leaflets from thresholds of pain)

never been so alone, left by my self
i was here waiting for you,
but you never came, even your shadow
i never saw near me…

you never spoke a word to me,
i never know what am i to you,
do i ever exist in your mind?
or even in your memories?

you gave me joy and laughter,
you made me feel so special,
you let me be the man that i am,
but you also put me into the trashes.

it hurts to love you more each day,
and it pains me to hate you,
but what can i do to ease my wounds
in which you caused them to bleed.

how i pray everyday for death to take me,
for my sorrow to end in a swift manner,
but depression is all i can have,
and i don’t know if i’ll stand up again.


written: August 29, 2005
Gabs Narazo
© 2005 [soulprojekt publikation]

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