dark prayer [ballad of the fallen angel]

Father God, i kneel down before You,
i beg of You for an audience,
i… i have been too stupid to believe,
that my life would be okay without You,
i had been lured to walk away,
to run faster and further away from You,
i am so sorry…
please, i beg Your grace before me.
i apologize my Lord,
i never listened to Your words,
i had been so busy and flirtatious
and lusted for what the world
has to offer to me.
i cannot describe the pain i
caused You.
i am but a dust,
how can i caused You so much pain?
i blamed You for the things
that had happened to me
where in the end,
it was i who caused my own pain,
hear my cries Father…
hear Your fallen angel.
written: March 22, 2007
Gabs Narazo 
© 2007 [soulprojekt publikation]

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