A PLDT Story

Dear Philippine Long Distance Telephone Co.,

It was a fine January 26, 2016 day, our internet has been disconnected because of delayed payment. I get that. I was wishing I can do something immediately and pay our bill but no, it wasn’t meant to be.

My mother finally was able to gather some two thousand pesos (P2000) and she went to the PLDT Office and paid the necessary amount. The payment was made at 2:41 pm according to the receipt. By 4pm, we still have no internet service. I called PLDT through 171 and guess what, the wait time to get a live rep is 10 minutes. Then I got a hold of a rep who said that the payment has not posted yet. I told her that it was not our problem anymore because a payment has already been made. I requested a manager and before I can speak to a manager, I have waited again for more than 10 minutes. And yes, I already fell asleep while waiting. Plus, my lower back was too painful now because I was already standing for more than 30 minutes when I decided to lie down on our long chair.

Here comes the manager. He said that he is now looking at their technical team to activate our account. And guess what, I have waited for 10 minutes before I hang up due to the pain on my lower back. The PLDT manager called me after a while and said that there is an issue with activations, so pissed that I just hang up.

PLDT… they will quickly disconnect your service but will wait for customers to beg, BEG, for the service to be restored. They have already manipulated their customers for years! And yet, this is how their service is to the Filipino people. Slow, expensive, irritating, incompetent. Then the only thing they will say to you, “we apologize for any inconvenience…” they will not compensate you for the 1 day loss.

How I wish that there would be another player somewhere who can give us Filipinos better service, something that’s worth the money we pay for. Not just 3MPS of speed but a decent speed. We pay almost P2000 a month for a slow, incompetent, expensive internet.


An open letter to ADN

To whom it may concern,

I was an AlDub fanatic. A die hard fan. WAS. I have stopped watching Kalyeserye for 2 or 3 weeks now. I have been losing appetite for it but what triggered my total surrender was when Divina was flirting with Jake. They lost me there. Yes, I have been telling people from AlDub Nation (ADN) na walang “moving on”o “kalma”. I think it backfired.

Ayaw ko nang manood kasi it seems it lost it’s essence in me. It’s my own point of view. Then, Divina has three (3) conditions for KS-A bago nya sagutin ito. Why would you give conditions para mahalin ang isang tao?! Why!?

These are just two of the reasons why I gave up on AlDub. I know there will be bashers who will say that I am this or that. Pero I would like to say that KS-Alden has given enough to prove his love for Divina who turns out to be a flirt. Then Lola Nidora, out of the three lola’s, got the nerve to do that tirade, blaming the ADN for “rumors” and “assumptions” na si Divina naman ang may gawa in the first place.

I have also observed that a lot of the men who used to be fans are now gone. They’re now back to where they used to be. When KS was never there. Unlike before, even men would be the ones to open the TVs to watch KS. But now, I am not sure they even bother. I know I don’t.

I am not saying that ADN follow me. All I am saying is, I’ve had it. Was just too much a burden to watch them now. But Maine and Alden/RJ is a totally different story. Them, I will hope to end up together. And it’s all I can do. Hope.

Thank you.

Sincerely yours,
Former AlDub fan

Down to my Last

While writing this one, I am listening to Alterbridge’s song, Down To My Last. Why the title? I don’t know. Honestly. I don’t even know why I am writing at 12:24AM, January 6, 2016.

Probably because I feel so empty now. I am burned out. I can’t continue with my projekts. I am so stressed with work. I need more management skills with handling money. My emotions are still fluctuating and I really don’t know how to write it.

By now, the song is Missing by Evanescence. Followed by I Will Run To You by Hillsong.

I have poems, stories and all inside my head but I lack the will to write them down. Could it be that I am already tired of my life? Could it be that my purpose is just to exist and burn out like some fart?

Then again, some farts are still more appreciated than my existence.

I just couldn’t fit these things here now. Come to think of it, it’s my first blog for 2016 and I am so … lost for words and thought.

Am I really lost? Or did I take a wrong turn?

I don’t know.

If i am still lost, then my labors were all in vain.

So what is it now? Which is which? Lost or doped?

I think the question is: am I really lost? Or did I lose it? At least they have different impacts.

Now playing: Be Magnified.

Is this the answer that I looking for? By the way, am I writing a blog or a poem? Argh! I don’t know!

Now playing: Solitaire.

Am I dying? And keeping to himself he plays the game… he’s playing Solitaire.

Am I?