How writing keeps my sanity

If not for writing, I might have already lost my sanity a long time ago. I have written poems that speaks of how depressed I was back then. I have written things about how my life was as the prodigal son. I have written and described how I messed my life. Indeed, it was scary and dark and tumultuous times.

I did crazy things back then. And if one ia good at deciphering codes and all, they would find those things on my poems. Some are published (Wattpad, FB, here) some are hidden, some are already part of my personal collections.

Writing allowed me to use and abuse myself and others. It gave me power over their destiny and what have yous. I was able to create characters and was able to justify their existence. I was able to hide behind these characters. I was able to deny things and blame my characters for failures and miseries.

I thank God for letting me write. Since I cannot draw, writing is most accessible for me.

For now, I am still into writing. Trying to finish Anino while working at three more stories.

Hopefully, I would be able to finish them in time.


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