Lost and Found

Losing a son or daughter is unbearable. I could not even describe the pain and agony of losing a loved one.

It was roughly 4 years ago, we were at Robinsons Metro East when I was buying my son a pair of shoes. Then I turn to my wife and ask her, “where is Kae?”

Panic ensued. I can’t think of what to do. I was praying. I was looking around. I was searching. I could not find her. I reported her to the Information and to the guards.

It was about 5 or 10 minutes when I finally saw her. I was almost at tears. She was just there, walking with a woman who saw her and thought that she was lost, and indeed she was. Thank God.

Then there was also the time when my nephew got lost also. He was about to play with some acids at the grocery store when 2 women caught him and taken him to the Information. My sister and my mom never met the 2 ladies who saved my nephew but we thank God for them.

Around April or May 2015 when my wife almost lost our 2nd son. They got separated for about 5 minutes or so. I was not with them at the time so I was only informed after a day it happened. What they told me was that my son ran inside a store and my wife did not noticed him. Good thing there were 2 women who reported my son to the Information. My wife never met them.

And just recently, we were at another mall in Calamba City. We were about to leave when my daughter and son ran to a store to see some toys while I was carrying our youngest. I called out for my daughter and my wife did too. But after a few seconds, she cannot find our daughter anymore. I got scared. I quickly notified the guards who radioed it in. After a few seconds, I am being guided to their superior and they kept asking me to describe my daughter. I told them what she was wearing. How tall she is. All that sorts. Then I saw her, with the security officer. She quickly hugged me and cried. She just wept there while I was standing there, comforting her. She told me that she cried out for her mother and 2 women guided her to the guards. I was really thankful for those 2 ladies who I will never knew.

We went home thanking God for giving me back my daughter.