The San Antonio Spurs

I have already posted two articles about my favorite NBA team, the San Antonio Spurs. These was when they lost the 2013 Championship and when they won the 2014 NBA Championships.

Right now, 2015 is where fans were hoping and praying that the Spurs would win another championships. But it was not to happen. Sadly, the team lost the battle to the LA Clippers.

I will not badmouth the Clippers since it’s just a game… for some.

It took me time before posting this article due to the fact that the Spurs lost. As of the moment, the Clippers are already 3-1 against the Houston Rockets for the semis. I lost interest in watching the NBA. But I did notice a lot of people were supporting the Spurs. A lot of people acknowledged them as the team with class and honor. They were defeated yes, but they are respected.

There were also rumors about trades and free agents. I wish the Spurs the best. I want them to dominate again. I want one more championship. I can only wait and see.




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