The San Antonio Spurs – 2014 NBA Champions.

The San Antonio Spurs. They have come a long way from the pains of last year’s lost to the Miami Heat. 2014 was a totally different Spurs team. They are more cohesive, more dependable, more aggressive and a real class of their own. The tears and heartbreak of last year’s lost has already been erased. REDEMPTION. That is what San Antonio did. They have redeemed themselves and proved to the world what it meant.

Honestly, it brought tears to my eyes, not because I was so angry at what happened last year, but because they have done it. They have shown to the their fans what teamwork means. What it means when they say “It’s for the love of the game.”

last years image of TD walking out after a heartbreak loss
last years image of TD walking out after a heartbreak loss

I could not forget this image from last year’s loss. It seemed that the whole world stop and grieve for the loss of San Antonio. But I think it gave them a more challenging task ahead of them. That lost made them BETTER. It made them STRONGER. It give them DETERMINATION.

And now, YOUR 2014 NBA Champions!



The 2014 Finals MVP
The 2014 Finals MVP







The Big 3 of San Antonio.
The Big 3 of San Antonio.




Spurs.04  2014 NBA Finals - Game Five


TD, after the Game 5 win against Miami Heat
TD, after the Game 5 win against Miami Heat



On the other hand, I will not bad mouth the Miami Heat. 🙂






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how a father misses his kids… a personal story.

I have been back here in Laguna for a week now since my wife gave birth to our third kid, a son. I am very thankful to God that He gave me another kid, and that all was well during and after the birth. I hated leaving them at my wife’s family residence. Don’t get me wrong about it, her family is okay. It’s just that I am so far from my kids and I can’t watch over them and my kids… I really miss them. Oh yeah I do. And here I am, writing this because I just spoke to my little girl, she said that she misses me and it breaks my heart that I can’t hug her and be with her everyday. Not only her, but my 2 sons as well! They will be here by August, can I just pull it faster? If only things were a little bit better and more secured, this will not be happening.

I miss them kids.