I am tired.

I am exhausted, frustrated and angry.

Just read some chat exchange from 2 people who are close to me, and just as I thought the squabble that has happen is over, I was wrong. Just because I lost my job and I don’t want to discuss it more, just because I had a tax deficit which me myself can’t comprehend, I am finding out that money does talk. I thought it was nothing at first. I thought someone is creating some non-sense but it was already proven before, now, there is something being discussed over the internet by 2 people I trusted.

With this, I am requesting a prayer from people who are able to read this article.


Please pray for me. Pray that I would have this anger in me put under control. Pray that God give me something to work on, to start with. I need a job, or business. Something to be my financial resource. Please…. I beg of you. PRAY FOR ME.




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