[ Sports… ]

Some sports that I have come to love.

The Philippines has always has glamourized basketball and boxing. Yes, the top 2 sports in this country is that 2 sports. I have nothing against these sports though, I feel they’re limiting us to height and so.

You need height in this game. It may not be everything but it is something. I mean, my height is 5’11” but I am still short in comparison to the players in the PBA. I used to play this game but for some unknown reason, I lost the passion within me.


Well, boxing is being dominated right now by non-other than our own, Manny Pacquiao, you know? But for me, this is a one-man show and it is a bit dangerous sport. Then again, kudos!

Now, for the sports that will seem to topple the 2 mentioned:


Yes! FINALLY! I am getting excited for the sport that I have longed for! I watched when GMA interviewed the Younghusbands when they were just new in the country. Nobody noticed them. I then thought, “Good luck guys. Hopefully you can ignite something for this country’s football” and they did. Them and the Azkals did something great, they have shocked Vietnam at the AFC Cup, and now, they’ll battle Kuwait for WORLD CUP Qualifier! WOWOWOWOWOW! I am not expecting the Azkals at the World Cup yet, but who knows?! We will have something to look forward to!


I have seen a game on TV when I was young. And I said it might not happen here. BUT I WAS WRONG! It did! We have the Philippine Rugby team! How’s that?! And they are winning games. Like the Azkals, the Philippine Volcanoes are composed of Filipino-foreigners. But who cares? I don’t. At least they have Filipino blood, unlike other countries who converts other nationalities just to be their players.


I am a big fan of this sport. I myself has been a volleyball player before and I really love the sound of the ball being smashed by players. We have a national team by the way, they’re the Philippine Cobra. Nice name. It has tenacity and power, and quickness. I have always enjoyed watching volleyball tournaments, especially when it’s the women’s volleyball. They have the grace, finesse and power. I have always admired Leila Barros and the collegiate volleyball players in the country. But if you want force, watch the men’s volleyball. They have tenacity, brute force, smashing power and quickness.


One of the most exciting race i have found and come to adore. yes, they’re FAST and FURIOUS! and THEY’RE ALL FILIPINO! though i have nothing against Fil-Foreigns, like they say, IBA PA RIN ANG PURO! Go TEAM!

These 4 games are just some of the games that has taken my attention by far. And yes, they’re good. But they need the support of the people. They need financial support for trainings, equipment, people. Heart alone will not suffice.

Go and support your teams.


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