[ reality bites ]

i found this at AP Tavern. this is the link.

“What’s the point of being Filipino? We’re a disgrace of the Asian continent. Here’ why:

1. We’re named after a Spanish King and we never changed that.
2. We are in constant conflict with our brothers who refuse to assimilate to imperialism and cultural genocide in Mindanao south.
3. We worship a white God that does not adhere to our prayers, yet we still worship him.
5. Throughout history we have been selling each other out to the Spaniards, the Japanese, the Americans, etc.
6. Despite our presence and numbers in America, we are a voiceless minority too divided to make a squeak.
7. Filipinos ability to assimilate is not a strength, but just a PR spin saying we sell out easy.
8. Our country is a third world garbage dump for industrial nations to $hit on.
9. Filipinos in mainstream American media do not deserve our support, because they’re only ‘Filipino’ when it’s to their convenience.
10. We still carry Spanish surnames to this day. It’s like a African American person still using their slave owner name.
11. Just because lots of Filipinos are in entertainment doesn’t mean jack. We need more Filipinos working in infrastructure positions.
12. Filipinos who support Marcos are criminals and traitors who backed a puppet dictator and should either be imprisoned and/or executed.
13. Tagalog should be abolished as the main dialect since it’s a language perpetuated by the early traitors of Philippine history.
14. Our self-praise for being an Asian Christian nation just shows how we’re still under imperialist slavery.
15. We sell our women out across the globe to be servants and whores. Any Filipino who supports this should be beheaded.
16. We’ve yet to create a successful Filipino restaurant in the US with mainstream appeal, not because our food taste bad, it’s because Filipinos lack professionalism and self-perfection.
17. We have cool traditional folk dances, but then we bust out with some Spanish sh*t and people then think we’re Mexican.
18. We have the most Asian porn whores. More degradation to our heritage. Those women should be hung and fed to dogs.
19. Filipino television continues the slave mentality with nothing but Mestizo and light skinned Filipinos. (I’m a light skinned Filipino and I think it’s disgusting).
20. Filipino organizations in the western world are weak and nothing but a social playground for the Filipino elite.
21. Filipino gang-on-gang violence is the dumbest thing in the world. More stupid dirt Filipinos who deserve neither praise nor support.

Positives: Filipino Martial Arts and Manny Pacquaio are the only things worth appreciating being Filipino nowadays.”

on a personal note:

i would have to agree on MOST of the things here. but i do not worship a white God who doesn’t answer prayers. my God is mine, and i am His. hopefully, this can somehow open our eyes.


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