Ballads of The Fallen Angel [G 7th suspended 2nd – G7sus2]

why are you so downfall?
why let tears fall down?
have you let it happen?
or did you let goodness fly?

tears, soulful song, blood…
anger has calmed down,
now guilt and self-pity
is what filling your heart.

after the saga has ended,
when time has been stopped,
the song of the fallen angel,
disguised as a demon ceased.

now rest your soul in peace,
let the sun rise to them.
don’t let them hear again,
the ballads of the fallen angel.

September 12, 2004
Gabs Narazo
©2004 [BLuRReD projekt]

Ballads of The Fallen Angel [F sharp minor – F#m]

years have passed.
time can’t be returned.
I am older now,
I should know better.
my hatred should calm down,
forgiveness should flown.
it’s been a long time,
anger and depression
starts to pacify.
life should be better.

now I am awaken,
my dream is finished.

life is still hard,
but I have a God.

September 9, 2004
Gabs Narazo
©2004 [BLuRReD projekt]

Ballads of The Fallen Angel [E suspended – E sus]

he walks without direction,
then stops and looks around.
he’s observing everyone,
as if he knows someone.

when he started to play,
everyone looked at him.
they were amazed by his song,
for they can hear a wounded soul.

as he plays his music,
blood flows from his side,
the people started to scream,
telling him that he’s bleeding.

but he did not mind the people,
he kept on playing and singing
and after the song – he just dropped.
he died playing, singing his song of death.

September 6, 2004
Gabs Narazo
©2004 [BLuRReD projekt]

Ballads of The Fallen Angel [D major – D]

I was living a lie.
my life is surrounded by darkness,
a heart that is cold and filthy.
so I thought I am a demon.

but flashbacks of yesterday,
tells me I don’t belong here,
that my life has more in store,
and that I live short of my goals.

my past gives me a stepping stone,
it points me to my source of life,
and says that I have to live in-full,
to do my part in spreading grace.

reignite my passion inside.
cleanse me once more.
direct me and guide me.
be the Captain of my soul!

August 28, 2004
Gabs Narazo
©2004 [BLuRReD projekt]





Ballads of The Fallen Angel [C sharp – C#]

I was living a lie.
my life is surrounded by darkness,
a heart that is cold and filthy.
so I thought I am a demon.

but flashbacks of yesterday,
tells me I don’t belong here,
that my life has more in stored,
and that I live short of my goals.

my past gives me a stepping stone,
it points me to my source of life,
and says that I have to live in-full,
to do my part in spreading grace.

reignite my passion inside.
cleanse me once more.
direct me and guide me.
be the Captain of my soul!

August 28, 2004
Gabs Narazo
©2004 [BLuRReD projekt]

Mother of Mine

Okay, first and foremost, I AM NOT A CRITIC. I just love the story of this series and I am forced to write my own reaction. 

I just saw this series, the whole 108 episodes of it. At first, I just thought that this is just some plain love story between a General Manager and a newbie employee who both fell in love along the way. But watching the series, I discovered that it was more than just a love story. It was a story about a mother’s love. Not just your biological mother, it also includes an adaptive mother, your mother-in-laws, the grandmothers, soon to be mothers. I was a bit crazy to think that just because it says “Mother of Mine”, the newbie employee thinks of his girlfriend as his “mother”. My bad about that. Mother of Mine [1] or My Prettiest Daughter In The World (literal title) is GOOD.

Anyways, the series has a whopping 108 episodes. Enough to make you busy for 4-5 days during this quarantine period. Korean series just take around 16 to 20 episodes, which is the typical length. The most common length of a Korean drama is 16 to 20 one hour-long episodes, or a total of 16 to 20 hours of content that are broadcast for 8 to 10 weeks (around 2 months). When you do the math in terms of 30 minutes-long running time, you get 32 to 40 episodes. In any case, each drama has a running time of around 60 minutes (excluding ads) every broadcast night.

In sum, most Korean dramas have 16 to 20 one hour-long episodes (cable TV) or 32 to 40 half-hour-long episodes (terrestrial TV) that air for 8 to 10 weeks There are dramas with only 12 (Voice 2), 8 (Lingerie Girls’ Generation), and 4 (The Most Beautiful Goodbye In The World) hour-long episodes. On the other hand, there are those that are so long it took 6 months before they ended such as Six Flying Dragons and Jumong with 50 and 81 hour-long episodes, respectively. [2] 

The Story

The story is centered on Park Sun-Ja the mother, Kang Mi-Sun the eldest daughter / banker, Kang Mi-Ri the adapted / 2nd daughter / General Manager and Kang Mi-Hye the youngest / writer. I will try to give them a brief introduction but will avoid being a spoiler.

I love how the story was made. Kang Mi-Sun the eldest among the three is also a mother to her young daughter. Married to a sleazy guy who loves his toys, literally. He has Gundam toys, trains, VR goggles, a bike, fishing rods, and a lot more. But in the end, he became a changed man and redeemed himself.

Kang Mi-Ri is the second of the three sisters. Ambitious, serious, driven. She was left behind by her biological mother who turns out, is just nearby her. 

Kang Mi-Hye is the youngest and a writer. 

The lesson is very simple but also a bit complicated. Love, forgiveness, healing of the past hurts, moving towards the future, being brave. You pick any of these and it’s there. The series aired from March 23 to September 22, 2019.

You can watch the series on YouTube

[1] Mother of Mine – AsianWiki. (n.d.). Retrieved May 3, 2020, from

[2] S. (2019, April 18). You’re NOT an avid Korean drama fan if you don’t know these facts. Retrieved May 3, 2020, from

A Tale of Two Directors

This is a story, well, not really. 


The main culprit (?) here is about Korean dramas, or Koreanovelas. What’s interesting here is that both of these directors are good. Direk Joey Javier and Direk Erik Matti. They might have seen the trending shows from Netflix. Well, I have to admit that I also am guilty of watching some Koreanovelas because the story is good. It does not revolve around just the love teams, but they are used for the story to progress.

There is a big difference from what these two directors both noticed about the Koreanovelas  being shown on Netflix. 

I have checked Direk Joey‘s films and most of them I have heard and not really a fan of it. Movies like Shake, Rattle and Roll series — I came to hate them because it became a yearly thing. There are good movies maybe from him but I don’t know. I never really watch local films since it lack tastes. But Direk Joey is the director of the Philippine TV adaption of Descendants of the Sun.

Meanwhile, Direk Erik Matti was probably one of the directors I like because his movies are good, not great but good. But I never watched them in cinemas, just rent DVDs or download them. On The Job, Seklusyon and Buybust maybe some of his best works yet. He directed the probably one of the worst TV series, Rounin and that crappy movie, Gagamboy.

Okay, now we check what happened on these two directors’ tweets.

First, Direk Joey asked, out of curiosity. His question was posted on April 9, 2020. Which is good, because he noticed what makes these Koreanovelas click to us Filipinos. His question got a lot of responses explaining why Koreanovelas are much favored.


This post has earned a lot of responses from Twitter users and some of the responses were really very common and spot on among Filipino dramas. 


MEANWHILE, Director Erik Matti also posted on April 14, 2020 his own observation.


But his observation generated a lot of heat. People got riled up and one of the best responses was:


I sometimes envy these Koreanovelas because they seem to have perfected the recipe for their stories while the Philippines still needs to learn and grow. Of course there are Filipino series that are great. Amaya for one is great when it made its run.Why I Got Hooked on Amaya (The Epic Series) - Life in Manila

So, what will be our take on this 2 directors? Well, we can inquire first, do some research on things before passing on the judgement. Also, I have already written some articles about films that I have loved, films from Korea, Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, India to name a few. And as I have mentioned above, I have also learned to love Koreanovelas such as:

Full House (South Korean TV series) - WikipediaMy Love from the Star - WikipediaDescendants of the Sun - WikipediaLie to Me (2011 TV series) - Wikipedia

26 Years.

Just saw the movie 26 Years on Netflix. It was a good movie for me. Now, just a disclaimer, I AM NOT A MOVIE CRITIC. I just love movies in general and I love how Korean movies has been made.

This movie was intense. It has a very good story, strong characters, lots of heartache, full of revenge. I love how they were careful in portraying the protagonists who are out to extract revenge. They all have valid reasons, I give them that. All five characters have their own angles and it was nicely placed. Lives were never the same after the Gwangju Uprising. You may also check what happened on May 18, 1980.

Interesting characters here: a gangster, a shooter of national team, a policeman, a lobbyist and a chairman of a company.

The gangster was a former military who’s father was murdered during the Gwangju Uprising.

The shooter of national team was still a baby when her mother was shot, then her father was so fueled with anger.

Added new posters for the upcoming Korean movie

The policeman’s sister was killed when the army opened fired at them.

26 Years (26년) - Movie - Picture Gallery @ HanCinema :: The ...

The lobbyist claims that his parents were murdered on the said uprising.

Funny thing is, the chairman of a company was the one who shot the gangster’s father.

The movie was 2 hours 15 minutes long. The ending is well, you have to see the movie for yourself. KOREAN MOVIE


I know you wanted me to write a poem for you.
You know how I turned it down several times.
It’s hard for me to write when I am oblivious,
About the things you feel.
Because we are together.

It is now almost a year that you are far from me,
I never thought I would last this long.
I’ve had panic attacks, suicide thoughts.
But God kept me alive because of you.
He wants me to stay beside you til we grow old,

After a long time, this is the first time I have written,
A love letter of sort, just for you.

I never used rhymes because it is not natural
I don’t like to make it sound scripted.
I want to write how I feel,
And right now, I feel lost without you.

I feel so alone, not lonely, just sad.
I miss the way you laugh, the way you cry.
I miss how loud you talk that it hurts my ears.
I miss how you punch me when you’re too happy.
I miss YOU.

I love you for all that you are.
The good and the ugly.
Because you have loved me, good and ugly.
My history is as bad as it is.
But you loved me despite it all.

I miss you.
I miss my wife.


April 16, 2020
Gabs Narazo
©2020 [BLuRReD projekt]

Say A Prayer

Say a prayer to those people who don’t or can’t celebrate Christmas.

There are people who don’t celebrate Christmas not because of religion but because they simply lost the meaning of Christmas. Yes I know you are happy but how about the rest? Those who just lost a loved one? Those people who are crying right now because of the pain they are feeling. Whisper a prayer for them. 

Those people who are suffering because of the recent typhoon and are currently enduring the typhoon. Their house might have already been swept by the flood, they might be under water now. Say a prayer for them. 

Those people who are away from each other. Someone working outside the country, they live in different places, incarcerated, or something. It won’t hurt if you pray for them.

Pray for the people confined in hospitals. Surely they don’t like to be there but they need to. Include the nurses, doctors, people working there. 

Pray for the Armed Forces of the Philippines. Our military men and women are constantly on the watch. They risk their lives, and continue risking their lives for us. 

Say a prayer for the Philippine National Police. They also need to work.


Just say a prayer.